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Confused about what lenders are advertising?

Concerned that your "loan officer” was a car salesperson last week?

Wondering if the “fees” you were quoted are legit and fair?

Does it cost less to get a loan from a bank?


MEGA MORTGAGE has been in business for over 30 years, in good times and bad. We are a small company, often described as a boutique broker. Most of our business comes from returning clients and referrals. We don't advertise.

We have 3 loan officers and between us we have over 100 years of experience. Experience in lending and building relationships. It is our experience that enables lenders to process your loan quickly and efficiently.


BANKS can only offer the programs they have. BROKERS work with several lenders so they can offer programs from ALL their lenders.

Do you want more choices? Do you want a loan that really suits you? Maybe you should think about working with a BROKER.

BANKS ARE NOT CHEAPER. BANKS have staffs, those people who talk with you, take your application and do the paperwork. That staff doesn't work for free and the bank has to pay them. The point is, just because you are working with a “BANK” doesn't mean it is any cheaper or that you are getting a better deal.

RATES CHANGE ALL THE TIME, actually most every day. On any given day you can find somebody who will tell you that they have a better rate. And it may be true. A good rate is important. But actually getting the loan with the good rate is what is really important.

If you want to shop for a rate you can go on-line to your hearts content. When you are ready to talk, CALL US.


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