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Sunshine Property Management, a division of Sunshine Real Estate Services, has been serving the San Fernando Valley since 1975.  We manage commercial and residential property in the San Fernando Valley and the surrounding area - and this geographic specialization allows us to offer expertise and service unequaled in this area of Los Angeles County.

At Sunshine Property Management, we are not in the business of simply renting space, collecting the rent and paying bills. Good property management is a combination of balancing the needs of tenants and the economic interests of the owner, it is maximizing the potential of the property while balancing short term gains and long term value. With our expertise in other areas - including mortgage brokering, real estate development and commercial and residential sales - we can provide clients a broader range of services than traditionally offered by property management companies.

Sunshine Property management offers property owners a board range of services. These include:

Leasing - We locate and screen tenants, review credit and negotiate leases to ensure you are leasing to quality tenants while optimizing your commercial or residential space. We strive for both quality tenants and to create an optimum tenant mix. A better tenant mix creates better income stability and easier tenant retention (which in turn lowers cost and increase profitability). In addition, when necessary, we are prepared to file unlawful detainer actions (evictions), and proceed to judgment and recovery.

Tenant Relations - We are committed to being responsive to tenants while keeping the owner's interests foremost in mind.  In many ways good property management is 90% PR; building relationships with tenants and making them feel their concerns and problems are taken seriously. This is accomplished through public relations with tenants and problem resolution.

Cash Flow Management - Our experience in expense analysis and control allows us to provide cost effective management.

Asset Management - We are particularly proud of our expertise in asset management, offering property owners long term strategies to maintain and increase their asset value, while improving the ease of future leasing.

Trust Fund Account - All funds are handled through a certified trust account, giving property owners true peace of mind.

Management and Owners Reports - Sunshine Property Management produces sophisticated reports designed for effective decision making.  These reports are readable, "user friendly" and can address such issues as cash flow analysis, income and expense, and vendor registration.  In addition, we are able to track vacancies and review expenses based on the vendor, building and tenant, and provide this information to property owners as desired.

It is the combination of all these components which makes for good property management;  It is the recognition of the intimate relationship between leasing and property management for example,  that allows one to leverage the management history/relationship into higher rental rates and lower turn over and, as such,  lower tenant improvement costs.

Let's face it - property management is often a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week job. At Sunshine Property Management, we are easy to reach any time, any day. We provide the services you need, when you need them.

How can we do this?  Because we have been in business in the San Fernando Valley for more than three decades, and we have built a network of trades people and maintenance specialists who provide quick, efficient and dependable service. We believe timely service is imperative in managing a property. This network of providers allows us to be highly responsive to tenants and helps us to build that critical relationship with our tenants.

Perhaps the most important aspect of good property management is the ability to communicate with tenants. We take the concerns of tenants seriously, and our top priority is carefully listening to their concerns and then addressing them in a timely, cost-effective manner.  This in turn, results in tenant retention and full buildings.

Let Sunshine Property Management take away your property management headaches. We invite you to call us at (818) 895-2341 to discover how Sunshine Property Management can best meet your needs.

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